Monday, November 17, 2008

More from the Art Walk

It's great sharing this blog and having two perspectives on what we see throughout the city. The same can be said for the Art Walk. Usually Christina and I are together but sometimes we break off and find things that catch our eye. This past Art Walk was a lot of fun and featured some great art. But I noticed there was more of a human element this time around as well. Here are some pics:

These were really cool but I can't remember which gallery I snapped them in. I love how colorful they are:

This one was a bit more political and timely:

I thought this one was really interesting and neat:
He wasn't part of any display - just hangin' out playing with some rusty dirt. But he was adorable!


Christina said...

The top pics were from the David Castillo Gallery, the one kind of across from Diet and down the street.

El Capitan said...

Ah yes, thank you my friend.

Gabriel said...

That kid needs a haircut, damn hippies.

El Capitan said...

That child was adorable!