Monday, November 3, 2008

Miami New Times Iron Fork


To calm my rattled election nerves, I have decided to post about one of my favorite things, food.

Specifically the Miami New TImes Iron Fork event. Originally scheduled for September, the event was postponed due to one of our fizzled-out tropical storms, and was rescheduled for the 30th.

Iron Fork took place at the Science Museum, which was pretty cool since I have never been. All I knew about the museum was that it has a giant dinosaur/monster standing outside the entrance, and it's across from Vizcaya.

entrance to the museum

The Iron Fork was a sold-out event. It's sponsors included several different types of restaurants, handing out food, wine and liquor sponsors, and a culinary competition, which was packed, as several local celebrity chefs were in attendance, including Chef Allen.

It was so packed that all we could make out of the competition was the smell and blurred action on monitors:

Since we couldn't see, we wandered around to several wine and food sponsors. This was one of my favorite things (hey, I'm into simplicity!):
Dark chocolate covered strawberries... doesn't get any better than that!

By wandering the event, we also saw alot of the science museum, and right now they have an awesome exhibit about Latin music.

Since I grew up on blues and 70s music instead of Cyndi Lauper and NKOTB, I was pleased to see a giant picture of Santana.

All-in-all the event was fun. We went as a girls-night-out event, and got to try a bunch of food and wine along with checking out all the exhibits. I think perhaps we were having a little too much fun for some people, but life is too short to be pretentious when you have good food, fun friends and an interesting venue, right? At least I think so... and we weren't stumbling around drunk, or flitting around in skanky Halloween costumes at least.

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The Martin Family said...

I agree!! Good times...What's wrong w NKOTB eh???