Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Fox's - the place to go if you are hungry or in hiding

I love Fox's Sherron Inn. It's one of my favorite lunch spots and hide outs during the week. When it's beautiful clear skies outside, sometimes you need a place where it takes you a minute or two for your eyes to adjust to the pitch blackness of this restaurant/bar. The food is not bad - it's more like home cooked comfort food and it's really convenient if you are near South Miami. Plus I like the fact that you can't see your neighbors at the tables a few feet away. Makes it a real intimate experience. Here are some pics (I was amazed my phone picked these up in the darkness):


Gabriel said...

FYI, Fox's use to be one of Miami's best know whore houses.

Christina said...

that makes sense, I always thought Fox's was a strip club until I was properly introduced to it.

It still has that somewhat seedy, bordello feel.

Tere said...

I LOVE Fox's. Haven't been in about a year, but I used to go frequently. I love the darkness, the booths, all of it.