Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wagon's West - Best Pancakes in Pinecrest!

This past Saturday I went to Wagon's West for the first time. I didn't know what to expect. Actually from my friend's description as a Western themed woodsy saloon meets a log cabin or something you would find in Wyoming, I was expecting to pull off of US-1 and see this free-standing spectacle. But low and behold, it is deceptively hidden in a strip mall (how Florida) called "Sunnyland" (I believe it's spelled this way - Sunniland looks too much like Sunni to me and un-Floridalike). Once inside, I was blown away. We had to wait for a table because according to my friend this place is like a South Florida institution. It was everything I had been promised and more because the food was that good. They have egg and pancake specials which are delicious. I recommend the blueberry pancakes which come packed with steroid-sized blueberries. And the decor - oh my. Anything that would make you think of the wild west can be found here, even a Skoal ad hanging on the wall. I took some photos and plan on going back for some more pancakes again and again:

The Sunnyland Strip Mall:

I love the basket lamps that hang from the ceiling:

The Skoal ad, a Longhorn, more basket lamps and Dudes:


Anonymous said...

Sounds Great!!!....Did it go in as easy as it came out, because they have 36 health violations as of last count:

Signing off,
El hombre....ohhh si, muy guapo!

El Capitan said...

The place was packed - we had to wait a half hour and I would gladly wait again despite your "information."

Christina said...

dont listen to him. Donny B's also had a bunch of health violations, and I have eaten there tons of times.

the question is, do they have banana pancakes?

El Capitan said...

I'm not sure - but any of them would be delicious I tell you.