Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Reclamation Project - South Beach

The other night I was wandering around Lincoln Road and was amazed in a good way at the Reclamation Project. In all of the Starbuck's that line the Road and in some other storefronts such as the Lincoln Theatre, there were these little cups with mangrove seedlings which are part of the Reclamation Project to show what Miami Beach was like before all of the building and concrete took over. This project is really neat and it's good to see that someone is taking the initiative to take on a project of this magnitude. Hopefully this project will be successful and this will be the beginning of a real movement in Miami. The seedlings will be planted along Biscayne Bay once they're ready. Here are a few photos:


Uncle Ash > MIA said...

"The seedlings will be planted along Biscayne Bay once they're ready"

THey're ready!
... they looked very close to their "end" when I went by.

El Capitan said...

Very cool! I am excited to see what it will look like. I hope they do this again.

Christina said...

They have been doing the reclamation project for years. I noticed the seedlings when I was on the beach this past week, and was happy to see that it's going on again. Hopefully it's a longterm project. seems like it.

btw, I saw a huge El Capitan sign on US1 and thought of you