Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes we can

No matter what you think, you have to admit this night is monumental.

No kidding, I don't have the words to express how proud I am of our country right now.

Tonight Barack's acceptance speech was electric, it was passionate, it remained positive and after the long, drawn-out campaigning and negative ads, it was tasteful. To see both Obama and Biden glowing, to see the looks passed between Obama and Michelle, i can't help but think that things will be ok afterall. Sure, there will be moments when Obama is less than perfect, every president will have them. And it won't be easy to get through our current crises, but I can't help but thing a positive attitude and the ability to listen to what people are saying is half the battle.

And I have to commend McCain as well. His concession speech was tasteful, despite the boos from the crowd at the mention of Obama (how low class.) I appreciated his call to support Obama as president, because while he should have to say it, I can think of some, in their total moment of disappointment, who wouldn't. That he owned that his loss was his fault, not the voters, was also respectable.

One of my best friends, Nerd in Chicago called me from Grant Park and I couldn't even hear her from the screams. What an amazing moment that must have been for her. No matter what your politics, this is a turning point in our country and we should be proud we can put aside the historic and hidden racism that still prevails to elect a black president, not on his race, but on his credentials and ability to run a smart, engaging campaign.