Sunday, November 29, 2009

I'm back!

Hello what few readers I may still have. I am dropping in to let you know that I am still around, but things with 305 have been on hold. But I have news! I got a new job!

Now, there was nothing really wrong with my old job. It was a great start from grad school, I met some really great people, but it just wasn't quite right. See, for the past 17 months I have been in the non-profit world, and I quickly realized that non-profits are great, they (usually) do lots of great things, my soon-to-be previous job included. But it's just not for me. The stress from loss of funding to the trickle-down effect that has on everything else, and the worry about job security is not fun when you owe lots of money to Sallie Mae in student loans.

However, my new job came through from a good friend of mine suddenly, and I took it. So I imagine my entries for 305 will start to change, as I will be spending much more time up north, instead of South Dade.

So yeah, yay for me! I have some stuff I plan to write about in the next few days, and please, I promise (for real this time) that I will be posting more!


Saturday, November 7, 2009

Fantasy Fest: A Recap

I know this post is late after the fact, but between getting relatively no sleep over the weekend and being slammed at work, it's had to wait. Last Saturday, El Hombre and I took a trip down to Key West for Fantasy Fest. This was a first time for both of us, but of course, living in South Florida you always hear about the debauchery, the people wearing next to nothing, or actually nothing. Well, I had assumed, as I always do, that these were highly exaggerated stories. I mean, how many people really will walk around wearing nothing but body paint? Well, the stories were in fact true. Alcohol flows freely all day, and in the 'Fantasy Fest Zone' it's no holds barred. There's open containers, nudity and people taking pictures of it all.

Now for those of you who are unfamiliar with Fantasy Fest, the culmination of this week-long party is Halloween. El Hombre and I went as zombies, with our ripped up clothes from Flamingo Plaza, and I like to think that we did a great job because people wanted to take pictures of us and we were fully clothed.

At this point, if you are at work, I would suggest bookmarking this link and coming back. because my pictures and video are not work friendly.

Anyway, I was one of those taking pictures of people that really should have been wearing more clothes.



But then I realized I could catch more via video:

There were also street performers!

This was at the end of Duval where not many people congregated.

I would have taken more video and pictures at night, during the Fantasy Fest Float Parade, but I ended up IN the parade on a friend-of-a-friend's float. It was awesome. I got to throw beads at everyone and growl and yell, zombie style, in the faces of people who tried grabbing them from me. I primarily gave my beads to kids (because it was hard for them to grab) and people who took pictures of me (because yes, I am that vain.) As we were walking around the floats before everyone took off down the street, El Hombre and I realized that each float had four things in common: They all had a DJ, they were all painstakingly well made, they all had some form of a bathroom and they all had a mobile bar. So of course, you see alot of drunk people in the parade as well. HILarious. I saw a couple friends up dancing on the float, most of which would never do so unless copious amounts of alcohol were consumed in the process.

These are the few float pics I could grab while I had the chance:
The last two were our float. Which was the best because we were part of it (along with a famous former football coach who shall remain nameless)