Thursday, August 5, 2010

L.A. Fitness - worst gym in the world

So, I don't know if any of you are aware of this, but LA Fitness is TRULY the worst place in the world. I've been working out here for a few months now, ONLY because my job pays for my membership and it's 2 minutes from my office, and of all the gyms I have ever been a member of, this one is the worst.

Why is this? Well, the service is horrendous. The gym is staffed with snooty people who are trying to force a sale down your throat, or total morons. Or sometimes both, which is the worst. Example, I had someone there mock the weights I was using. Apparently he didn't think that I would need light weights to rehab an injury. Another example, little kids were running around the locker rooms and playing on the gym equipment today. Nobody thought, "Wow, if that kid falls and hurts himself, or runs into someone with weights, we may have a liability case on our hands." Instead they ignore it because that would require working. And these are 5 year olds I'm talking about. According to the LA Fitness policy, kids under 14 have to stay in the kids club area. Great job guys.

Another reason why this gym is deplorable? The equipment is never cleaned, half the things are broken (including every clock, water fountains and the AC half the time.. which is amazing since the facility was built a year ago) and the weights are never re-racked. Things are left astrew. Is this their fault? Well, I never saw equipment so gross at the UM Wellness Center, Ironworks OR Golds. So yes.

So if you are shopping around, don't choose this gym. If any other gym opens up with the same rates around my office, I'm canceling this membership. Because yeah, LA Fitness, I hate you.