Sunday, August 24, 2008

Wandering the Beach

Last night, I hit up the Beach and wandered to Lincoln, Washington and made a stop at the Shelborne for some karaoke delights. The surprise of the night was when Alonzo Mourning walked in and hung out in the back listening to the throngs of people sing along to I Want it that Way, Gold Digger and Wanted Dead or Alive. We first stopped at Hofbräu München Bierhall, that wacky restaurant/German bar up towards Lenox and then headed to Jazid on Washington which had an unusually high cover (booo) and then instead of paying, headed straight for karaoke entertainment. On the way there, in front of Cameo, there were two HUGE guys dressed in head to toe white suits and everyone was taking their picture but I couldn't get a good angle. Plus didn't know who they were nor did I really care. But all in all it was a fun night wandering the streets of the Beach on a balmy Saturday night. Here are a couple of pics:

At the German Beer Hall - they have liters of beer (see below) and "boots" of beer which are ENORMOUS:

Flamingo Watch - Washington Ave:

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