Sunday, August 17, 2008

BBQ at Crandon - Part 2 of Sunday at the Park

So, after tennis this morning, we went to my friend's birthday/citizenship party/BBQ at Crandon and it was a blast. Being one of the few non-Spanish speaking people there but welcomed like I was one, it was a great cultural experience. As always, there was too much food and too many drinks and an impromptu game of volleyball with some dudes who had been drinking out in the sun for too long, but it was a fine ol' time until the bands of Fay came sweeping through to dump buckets on us. But by then it was time to vamos anyway. Here are some photos - check out the skyline pics from earlier in the day. Totally disappeared in the rain:

The Game:

As the storm rolls in:
On the way home - Brickell disappeared:

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