Sunday, August 17, 2008

Miami Spice: China Grill

Today I went with a group of people to China Grill to take advantage of their Miami Spice menu, and I have to say I was somewhat disappointed. Having lived on Miami Beach for 3 years, I have heard many rave about China Grill, but for the price you pay, the service is sub-par. The waiter didn't serve drinks on the right side (as a result one of my friends spilled his $14 dollar drink, and got a smart-assed comment from the waitress.) The snarky, "don't you want to order something from the regular menu?" comments also left something to be desired.
Our appetizers were good, probably the best part of the meal, the entrees were also good, but definitely a step down, and the desserts were somewhat forgettable.

All in all? The food was good but I probably won't go back.


El Capitan said...

But isn't that where all the seen and to be seen people go? It can't be that bad, or is it?

Christina said...

The service was bad and the servers apparently think fine dining serving involves being a bitchy smart-ass that doesnt serve on the correct side.

However, China Grill owns a restaurant in the Sagamore called Social Miami. I bet it's got better service

Jordan said...

Two thumbs down for China Grill... I went last year for Spice and had the same experience - mediocre food and snotty waitress. Wasn't a big fan of the Ft. Lauderdale location either.

And you're right - don't give up on the chain. I love Tuscan Steak (their sister restaurant across the street from the Miami Beach restaurant). A little less hoity toity, plus a tasty Spice menu that's one of the best values out there.

Christina said...

yeah, no mas for China Grill, terrible service. But Tuscan was great when I was there before, and it was tasty..... great lamb!

I heard the Setai Restaurant is really good, but I haven't been there before, what do you think?

And Tuscan is having a great menu all summer, but I think we talked about this before.

Jordan said...

Never been to the Setai... I have heard it's worth a visit but overrated.