Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Only in Miami

Only in Miami is it considered a safe, normal practice to buy food from a truck. In fact I know several people who buy avocados, mangos and other fruits from stands and trucks on street corners. It makes sense though, when I was in Costa Rica everyone bought fruits, cheeses, breads and juices from roadside stands. It's cheaper and most people have the plants in their yards (both here and in Latin America)



bryan said...

I would never have imagined buying street side food until I moved and live in Guatemala. Now I prefer the fresh street ware than a supermarket

Carlos said...

Chances are the veggies sold at these trucks will have less pesticides and hormones than the veggies at Publix.

And they probably weren't picked green, either.

Christina said...

sometimes they are picked green actually, but i swear they have the best avocados i have had here in miami. totally worth the sketch-factor