Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Shopping at the Airport

I went this morning to the airport and was pleasantly surprised at what you can do while you are waiting for someone to leave. Usually when I travel to MIA,

I am either in a hurry to get to my gate or am picking someone up outside, so today due to the storm, I thought it would be a good idea if I accompanied my guest in to check on the status of his flight. While there, we visited Cafe Versailles, watched the dudes at the Nokia store throw a dance party and found a new pashmina in one of the gift shops. They had great Miami shirts too - not touristy at all. I almost got one but already had my eye on the pashmina. I've found others there too coming back from flights. Who knew the airport had all this and more?
Other airport pashminas:

I hear it's made vast improvements and looks like it is continuing in that direction. There's a blog on Miami and transportation (Transit Miami), so my next question is when are they going to (if they are) connect the metrorail to the airport? It can't be completely impossible.


Christina said...

The Tri-Rail is already connected and I remember reading in the Herald about how the next move is to connect the metro to the airport as well. For that, I can't wait!

JM Palacios said...

Have you seen the building under construction just to the east of the airport? That's the Miami Intermodal Center, which will be the Tri-Rail station and Metrorail station and will be connected to the airport terminal with an automated people mover. The Metrorail connection to the airport is definitely happening.