Thursday, July 17, 2008

Scenes from Downtown

Only in Miami would it be appropriate to design buildings in the shapes of tropical fruits.

But Gloria Estefan must have been craving Pineapple something crazy when she thought up the topper for Bongos.

In other news..... while I admire that the downtown area is being revitalized and has been cleaned up ALOT since I first moved here, five years ago, its still pretty disgusting to try to pay your meter when sewage is overflowing from the pipes. Major party foul, Downtown Miami. bleah

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El Capitan said...

Most of it's ok - but boy, I agree with you about the smells at times. On one of my favorite walks I have to walk by the digusting back end of a restaurant where the garbage stench is HORRIBLE! It STINKS! Like real bad. But, at least of all downtown doesn't smell that way like in most cities.