Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Miami-Dade Transit - Anyone can drive!

This is one of the best stories lately to come out of Miami-Dade. James L. Harris, a metrobus aficionado, has been arrested TWICE for taking metrobuses and driving them around the greater Miami area. He not only drove to Florida City, but picked up passengers along Collins Avenue and I hear only charged 25 cents per passenger. What a deal! I say, good for Mr. Harris! He's not hurting anyone and really likes buses - and is willing to give a discount in these tough economic times. He's been involved in bus disputes and routes for years and he's only 18! Who knows what the future holds for him - but I think it's in transportation. I know this story has been mentioned elsewhere, but it's definitely a misadventure in my book and unique to Miami. A "Only in Florida" moment as I like to call them. Click here to read today's saga in the Herald of Mr. James L. Harris, "bus fanatic."

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El Capitan said...

Update - I heard yesterday that Mr. Harris stole a third bus and is now in jail.