Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Necessities in Miami

Ok so if you want to survive a Miami summer, you need all of the following
-A coat or sweater so when you go inside anywhere you can deal with the fact that everyone keeps the AC at arctic levels
-Rainboots (key if you are in Miami Beach, North Miami, parts of Brickell, Coconut Grove, Kendall and Key Biscayne)
-Any and all rain gear you can get your hands on.
-A sense of humor and/or Xanex to deal with people driving in the monsoon and thunder
-No desire to wash your car. It's just going to rain.
-No desire to go to the beach. It's just going to rain. Or it's just waaaay to hot.
-Surge protectors. South Florida sees more lightning strikes than pretty much anywhere in the world. We are actually the lighting capitol of the world
-the knowledge of what to do if you fear getting struck by lightning

1 comment:

Captain America said...

i did not know we are the ZAP capital of the world. good to know.