Thursday, July 31, 2008

Ah, Florida, you amaze me

A friend of mine told me about this a while ago, and not really thinking that it existed, I googled it one day. And OH MY it sure does exist and it looks like it has for a while. It's called "The Holy Land Experience," and it's in Orlando. Some of you who are from Florida or the Orlando area or are evangelicals, etc, may have already heard of this place, but being the newbie to South Florida that I am, I continually am amazed at all the wonderful and wacky things this state has to offer. You can visit the Jerusalem Street Market and back by popular demand, "the Last Adam has been extended," (not quite sure what that means but I'm guessing it's live theater? I hope?). I don't know if there are themepark-styled rides, but if I ran the place that would be at the top of my agenda! Keep in mind that I am not promoting this place (I don't think it would be my cup of tea) but it definitely would make a bizarre road trip some day.


The Bum said...

I had a feeling this place had not been around that long. Their "History" button is particularly interesting. Marv Rosenthal?

El Capitan said...

Marv Rosenthal - that's pretty funny! And I like their imagery - majestic gates and all.