Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Down Home Politics Along South Dixie

I love this. I was driving up US-1 last night after work and was sitting at a light next to a vacant lot full of political signs. This one, made only of posterboard and black marker, stood out from the rest. And it has a catchy motto too - "Tell your pa and yo momma this country needs Barack Obama!" The likeness is amazing as well!


Bego said...

Hello 305: Misadventures! I like the blog and wanted to introduce you to mine:
I put your link on my links. Can you put mine in yours :)? And you are welcome to review it as well!

Christina said...

Hi Bego,

Thanks for the props! Of course we will add you to our blogroll!

Jay L said...

not as succinct as something I saw on facebook the other day (but still good)...

"Don't be a llama, vote for Obama!"

El Capitan said...

I noticed today that the sign is gone!