Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Coral Gables Art Walk

So in honor of the Wynwood Art Walk that I'm missing this weekend, I thought I would post pictures of the Gables Art Walk. These are the two big art walks in Miami and they couldn't be any more different. Wynwood is a collection of galleries in a pretty bad neighborhood. More of the young "indie" crowd goes there because there is more beer than wine, and the art is more edgy, more abstract, more street art and near bars like Circa 28, Vagabond and PS14.

The Gables Art Walk brings an older crowd, it's in downtown Coral Gables and there are fewer galleries (The America's was hands-down my fave), and many of those galleries are much more commercial. However, they put up tents for artists (and sponsors) to display their wares. They also build a stage and book local bands like Suenalo (my current favorite) and Locos por Juana to name a few.


I loved this painting

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