Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Santa's Enchanted Forest

It's only fitting that I post this rant, considering its "cold" today in Miami (it was about 60 once the sun went down.)

One of my first memories of how bizarre Miami can be came about 4 years ago, in late November or so. I had been living on South Beach, which we all know is a bubble, separate from the rest of the city, and two of my coworkers and I were driving to Dadeland for a work meeting. We were on 826 when we passed the most hideously, gloriously tacky monstrosity on the Palmetto.

That tacky place is none other than Santa's Enchanted Forest. It is a nightmare of lights, rides and other fair-related events. I have never been but have always found it hilarious that Miami has a Christmas-themed fair for two months.

Well it's not funny anymore, and I will tell you why. The forest happens to be across from the Publix and Target that I most often frequent, and traffic in that particular spot happens to be a pain anyway. With the Forest opening on November 6, I am going to have to find a new grocery and Target (this will probably save me money.)

The worst part is that Santa's Enchanted Forest is actually pretty expensive to get into, considering it's a tacky fair on the outskirts of Tropical Park. So I doubt I will waste my time taking pictures and making fun of it later.... Especially considering I would have to sit in traffic for an hour to get there.


eldesaparecido said...

I abhor Santa's Craptacular Forest.

El Capitan said...

Oh no! I've never been and this year was going to be my maiden voyage! Maybe I won't go. Hello everyone! I'm in Krakow, Poland, btw, a beautiful and most awesome of a European city. I love it.

Christina said...

i still sort of want to go, admittedly. but i abhor the traffic. it is expensive though, $20 to get in.... boo hiss to that.

and thanks for rubbing in that you are in poland.... jerk

Jordan said...

I agree that SEF is dreadful... that place just about makes me break out in an epileptic fit when I'm driving past it on the highway.

Tere said...

The fact that 2 adults and 2 kids cost about $65 to get in - and you still have to pay extra for food and games makes the whole thing so not worth it.