Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mr. Clucky - Don't Go!

I'm not sure if you have been following the Mr. Clucky case in the Herald, but let's hope that he's allowed to stay where he is. He's been through enough already - give the guy a chance! If he goes to the Grove, that wouldn't be that bad, but he's a Miami Beach staple. You can't take him away from Mark and his bike! To read one of the Herald's articles, click here. The story has made the national news - I just saw a video on


Anonymous said...

You've obviously never lived next door to someone who has roosters.

There's nothing wrong with letting him ride around on the handlebars of the guy's bike, but for the neighbors who may have to deal with the noise early in the morning, it's not really fair.

El Capitan said...

I don't see what the big problem is. If you've ever lived next door to yippy dogs or angry neighbors - that's probably worse than being woken up by the sound of crowing in the morning. Maybe it's good to get up early and enjoy the day. Maybe he's doing his neighbors a favor.

Suzy Newhouse said...

I like Mr Clucky- he's cool and somewhere I have a pic of me and him on my shoulder but I've also lived next to a rooster and El Hombre can tell you how annoying it was.

I endured it all of three months when Nick was an infant before I walked out of my apartment at 4 am, in my PJs, and walked around the block with a group of my neighbors in tow intent on shutting the damn bird up. We had had enough.

They are animals and unlike dogs which can be brought inside or muzzled when they become a nuisance, you can't quiet a rooster. Incidentally, there are noise ordinances regarding barking dogs as well.

Also, it's not as simple as people would like you to believe- roosters don't just crow once. They spend all FRIGGIN' day crowing. Try having an infant that is awoken every hour by a crowing rooster and your love for animals, let alone patience, will be tested HEAVILY.
It's unfortunate but ordinances exist so people- not farm animals, can coexist together in a somewhat harmonious fashion and just like MB residents have the right to complain about noise from the clubs and cars (whose ticket fines bring in a large portion of the city of MB's income) infringing on their right to sleep, they have the right to complain about Mr Clucky doing the same.

It's a tough spot to be in but the law is the law and just like you can't have a pit bull in Miami-Dade county, you can't have a rooster in Miami Beach.