Monday, June 8, 2009

Goombay Festival

As we all know by now, this was a rainy weekend, one that made me glad I no longer live on Miami Beach. Even though we weren't flooded out where I live, we were still cooped up indoors, leading to a massive case of cabin fever. So Saturday, after the rain subsided, El Hombre and I decided to scope out the Goombay Festival in Coconut Grove. For those who may not know, the Goombay Festival is one of the largest black heritage festivals in the US, and is basically a celebration of the Bahamian culture. Bahama Village in Coconut Grove is one of the earliest settlements in Miami for those of you who may not know.

In many ways, most street festivals have the same basic setup: Live Music, vendors, food stands and entertainment, and this one was no different. Instead of arepas, there was conch, fried fish and crab (which I would have chowed down on, had I not just eaten at Big Cheese.) There were also these Miami Fair standards:

We also walked in at the perfect time to catch the parade:

I loved the costumes! So colorful! And the lead guy (photo above) was cheesing it up for all the cameras and having a blast.

One thing I noticed was the ambiance was very chilled out. Maybe it was because of the rain that has kept everyone inside all week, but everywhere you looked, people were laughing, meeting up with friends, enjoying food and dancing to the music.

One thing did not go unnoticed though:
Big Brother was definitely watching everything going on.

What did upset me was the amount of garbage on the ground. It was senseless, as the city provided plenty of trash cans along the street. I hate seeing so much litter, I think it's trashy and it reflects a lack of pride in your community. This is something I see throughout Miami-Dade County, but it just seemed so much worse during this event.

After we walked the length of Goombay, we took advantage of the clear evening to walk around the Grove, where I was able to snap these photos:
(Love that the Grove has a bike culture)


Rose Colon said...

Thank you for writing about this festival. I wish I had known about sure would've helped the cabin fever.

Suzy Newhouse said...

When I lived there, I loved that the Grove had a bike culture too...until my bike was stolen- THREE different bikes from inside my locked patio.

It sucks when people don't pick up their trash but luckily, the city brings it's clean-up crews REAL quick. County Hall is just up the street.

And I CANNOT believe you didn't eat anything. Didn't El Hombre taunt you?

Next time Nick and I will go (so he can take off on us to dance in the street again and I can shove some conch in your mouth).

BTW, dinner this week for sure- I told El Hombre last week.

Suzy Newhouse said...

oops, City Hall. :D

catsteevens said...

My husband and I were debating about Burn Notice the other day, whether it truly is filmed here or not. I was under the impression the last show to film here was Miami Vice. Because CSI Miami never even set foot here.

Anyway, thanks for the Burn Notice pic.

A.J. said...

Love the site