Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bad sign over US1

So I have this weird part of my personality that's pretty obsessive compulsive about things and I tend to focus on things that are ridiculous or off-base a bit. When you combine these elements of my personality and then show me something that is poorly taken care of that ticks off that perfectionist in me, I have to snap a picture.
I get that the letters fell off. But fix your damned sign guys, you look like idiots. But thanks for making me laugh. And yes, I get that I'm immature.


El Capitan said...

I laugh at this every time I drive by. :)

Suzy Newhouse said...

The irony- they are architects.

I know there were vandalism issues a few years back for businesses on that block- there's an abortion clinic there and people don't take too well to that.

ChadC said...

omg - i saw this too. Giggled to myself. Wife thought I was weird. Hilarious.

Nancy White said...

OMG that had me weeping openly, I laughed so hard. Thanks for sharing!