Sunday, September 14, 2008

A perfect end to a perfect weekend

This was a much-needed weekend. I had to work a couple hours yesterday, but afterwards I hung with el hombre. We chilled out outside on the sidewalk like kids, playing with the cats, walked to the grocery for veggies and ground beef, and made dinner before heading out to the art walk.

ISM was closed, so we wandered around to galleries we haven't been before, and there's alot of new places that I really liked. And it was packed. Last month was dead, but apparently this was the start of the season. I love to see that this thing is so popular because it gives some hope that Miami will become a more cultural city. Anyway, pics to come in a later post.

After the art walk we scoped out a local indie bar for a bit (mainly to get water and AC... it's still HOT at night) before heading over to see the Spam Allstars play.

We completed the weekend by heading with M's cousin down to the keys for tasty lunch at the Islamorada Fish House, then went to feed tarpon (some of those fish were bigger than me!) and then to Tiki Bar to swim in the ocean and get some sun.

All this to come in a massive picture post later. But for now, I leave you with a dingy from a keys trip, a few weeks back


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