Wednesday, September 24, 2008


I have often ranted and raved about the absense of usable public transportation in this city. I have also lamented the fact that I drive so far for my job, and while I can take public transportation ALMOST there, I have to either walk or bike approximately 3-4 miles on a street that is not bike-friendly.

So this post by Transit Miami makes me happy.

IMO, one of the reasons why we have an obesity epidemic in this country is because we rely on our cars to go a quarter of a mile instead of walking or biking. Part of this is lazyness, another is that many cities are not pedestrian friendly. Our culture doesn't understand not wanting to use your car. I tell people that one of the benefits of my new apartment is that I can cycle to the gym, grocery and even the park or some shopping malls if I feel adventurous and I am usually met with a stare and a, "Why would you do that when you can drive"

So I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this event will become a regular thing, and perhaps we can change some perspective.

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