Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Brewer Park

The other day a friend and I went searching for a place to play tennis since we were exiled from our usual courts due to "lessons," and he reminded me about a park on Miller near (?) South Miami called Brewer Park. This little jem of a park is a hop, skip and a jump from UM and is super serene and peaceful. I want to go there all the time now. There's birds, hungry geese, kids ballin', a canal which makes for a treacherous water hazard (it's like miniature golf for tennis), and is just really beautiful. It's nice to find these little pockets of peacefulness within Miami. I of course took a bounty of photos, and happened to be there around sunset:
There's giant rocks with plaques:

And lots of hungry geese and gosslings:

The little ones made a beeline for the lady with the bread:

The Water Hazard:




Christina said...


Tropical Park is also pretty cool

El Capitan said...

I need to go. I hear (heard) there are horses? Is this true?

Christina said...

im not sure, but you can paddle boat in the lake... and they have a "hill"