Saturday, September 6, 2008

Adventures along the River

Labor Day was a great day to visit the beach, hang out in the Grove and hang by the River. We went to Finnegan's which I hadn't been to in a really long time and remembered why I like this spot where you can either by lazy and chill while looking at the boats going up and down the Miami River, or be active and swim and lounge by the pool. It's a sports bar and the food's ok but it's a fun place to visit.

Plus this time around, I met the Boat Man (as I call him) and King Richard the Lionheart (real name) which made my visit even more special. The Boat Man helped tie up the boats as they arrived. I learned a few things too from the Boat Man, like what the enormous barges do, where they dump their dredgings (27th Ave), and how the islands around downtown formed (dredging deposits) and turned into what they are now, and noticed that these barges are from the Port of New Orleans (Miami doesn't have its own? But at least they are here and not bumping around the Industrial Canal breaking through levee walls, right?). It was a fun time and here are some photos:

The view:

Barges and the Miami River:

The Boat Man and King Richard the Lionheart:

Knee and Neon:

The fishtank:

Parking lot art under I-95:

Back in the Grove after dinner at Jaguar, steering the ship at Barracuda:

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