Sunday, March 1, 2009

Greek Festival

I never normally blog on the weekends, but right now I am staring out the window, wishing it would clear up so I could go back to the beach. I think that mission may be aborted, sadly.

Last weekend we went to the Greek Festival. I have been debating whether or not I wanted to post about it. See, the thing is, they also do a Greek festival in Charlotte, and it was awesome when I used to go. It was a huge festival, with lots of different things going on, and in my favorite part of the Charlotte. Naturally I expected the same from this festival.

The festival itself wasn't terrible and the food was good. But it was much smaller than I expected. It took place in the Saint Sophia Orthodox Church, with a $5 admission (which honestly, it's a donation, and working in non-profit, I don't mind making one.) The church from the outside is really pretty. But the layout inside was different. It was in a basketball gym with a tiny spill-over outside.

Some of the events they had going on included dancing demonstrations (which we missed) and cooking demonstrations (which we almost missed until we realized it was relegated to the back corner.) There were lots of vendors, but aside from the terrariums, none of them were selling anything particularly special.

Don't get me wrong, if you have never been, check it out next year. But don't cancel other plans for it.

But of course I took pictures for you:
(I have always liked the church from driving by, I think it's really pretty)

Yes. Leave it to me to take pictures of pastries

and meat.


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