Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Welcome to the greatest show on Earth!

Well, I take that back, the best show I have seen has probably been B.B. King but I digress.

So you may ask yourself, "What does a sarcastic nerdy girl in her late 20s do on a Saturday night?" Well, last Saturday, I went with my girls to the circus. Yup. The circus. We got there late, but the story is the same age-old story, the ringmaster is challenged by the head clown and the whole thing is them one-upping each other.

All I have to say is whoever choreographed the show and designed the costumes is awesome. It was pretty much 80s punk influenced, with a splash of glitter and glam. Loved it!
And I am a cat person, so this thrilled me:

Also, I love acrobats and contortionists:
I wish my camera was better because these guys were all amazing.

I also really liked the elephants. I want one because they are super cute. But I suspect my cat wouldn't appreciate that.

And of course the show came together at the end with all the performers (except for the tigers, obviously)

But one of the coolest things? This:

I couldn't believe they got all 7 in that little cage!

The circus is so much different than when I was a kid, at least it seems like it. But it's a really interesting experience to watch it as an adult. The way they bring your eyes to one part of the stage while setting up the other is really clever. I definitely recommend going.

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