Sunday, January 25, 2009

It strikes me as funny that it is not unusual to see peacocks around Coconut Grove, South Miami and parts of the Gables. They are so representative of most people in this city, preening and flaunting all they have.

Needless to say, when we were in the grove, we found a bunch:

It was pretty cool. I haven't seen any peacocks for a few months now. I sat for awhile, my camera trained on them, trying to grab a good shot of the whole group, but the trees were in the way. Finally, these two broke away and ran down the wall. I don't think they appreciated the paparazzi about them, though they were staring directly at me the whole time.

This was one of those "only in Miami" moments for me, I guess.



Anonymouse said...

"they didn't like the papparazi" of course, of course....

Gus Moore said...

Cool post, Christina. Key West has wild chickens. Miami's got roaming peacocks. I'll take peacocks, any day of the week

Christina said...

Thanks Gus!

I take the peacocks any day, but have you ever heard the wild cry of a peacock? I had one scream right behind me and it totally caught me by surprise, it was scary!