Tuesday, December 30, 2008

USAir at MIA

I just have to say guys, that the new US Air wing at the Miami International Airport is PIMP. Since I most frequently fly to NC, USAir is usually the way I go since it is a hub. For years, the service has always been better than American going out of Miami, the lines are always shorter and as a result I generally am less stressed about the process.

But my biggest complaint has been that there's nothing to do at the terminal. To my pleasant surprise, that has been remedied. There is both a Starbucks and an Illy cafe (Illy being one of my favorite brands of coffee, BTW.) There is also a small food court, several stores and a place to get a quick manicure.

There are also the round docking stations for phones, laptops, etc and flat screen TVs.

Super awesome. Oh yeah, and did I mention that getting into the airport didn't make me want to tear my hair out? That the employees were actually nice? I could write for hours about how much I hate flying out of Miami through American Airlines because of their entire staff's total hatred for their jobs and customers, which would explain why so many people get bad impressions of the MIA Airport. But I won't.

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El Capitan said...

I LOVE that wing of the airport! I tend to fly out of there on delta or when, ahem, flying overseas :) It's nice and flashy compared to the rest of the place.