Sunday, December 13, 2009

Spa Alert

So I have this bad habit of slouching at my desk. I don't really do it when I am standing or anything, but I suspect that being short and having a computer set-up that is usually just a bit too far away has caused that habit. Needless to say, because of this habit, which has been paired with innumerable amounts of stress over the past few years, has created what I like to refer to as, "the Chilean Alps" all the way down my shoulder blades in the form of very painful knots.

Yesterday I made the executive decision to treat myself. Afterall, I just got a new job, I'm trying to get into a decent weight lifting schedule again, and I can't deal with the pain anymore. So I decided to revisit this spa in the grove called Aruj. I went once in grad school and had a great experience, but when Miami Spa Month started coming up, I took that as excuses to try other spas. I do want to say, this time around it was a good experience as well.

First of all, Aruj is an Aveda spa. If you aren't familiar with Aveda, you should be. I have been going to Aveda salons since I was a teenager, and they have been organic and earth friendly before it was trendy. But if you are familiar with Aveda products, you know that their spas are a total experience. When you walk into Aruj, it's the store front. If you book spa services, they escort you into a back area with dimmed lights, running water and the unmistakable scent of Aveda products: A sweet (but not Bath and Body Works sweet) aroma of herbs and spices. They also have low, instrumental world music playing and as you wait, you really should take them up on their offer for some hot tea.

As with any spa-oriented massage, Aruj offers scented and unscented massages. Unlike some other spas, they also have heated beds AND they have therapists who are not afraid to do deep tissue. I despise going to spas and getting a light massage, and I am relieved to say that was not the case this time.

So in my opinion, if you are in need a massage and a relaxing experience, head over to the grove! And you can stop at RedBerry afterwards and get some delicious frozen yogurt afterwards!

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