Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Shake that!

Those of you who either bellydance or just have an interest in it, probably know that this weekend is packed full of awesomeness because of Spirit of the Tribes

Those of you who don't know anything about bellydance should know that this is the largest tribal fusion dance fest on the East Coast. Tribal style and tribal fusion dancers are not your typically pink, shimmery, shiny belly dancers. They are more earthy, strong and may fuse bellydance with hip hop, industrial/gothic or international styles of dance. Basically it's just plain awesome. And two of my teachers will be performing. Alina and her crew from Lotus Dance Studio and Alicia of Bellycraft.

The only thing that stands in my way of a full weekend of pure bellydanceocity is the fact that I am also packing in a karate camp. Monday I will be broken. LoL.

I will leave you with some vids of my fantastic teachers:

And Lotus (they are American Tribal Style, not fusion)

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