Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain Rain

This morning I woke up and my house was totally dark. Not because I woke up early or anything, but because we had a pretty intense rainstorm this morning. This is good because we are in dry season and are on a no-burn ban (technically we shouldn't be grilling outside.)

Now, it's interesting, because Lola just posted a melancholic ode to rain, which got me in the mood for an intense storm. Don't get me wrong, I love the sun, but after awhile you just feel sunbleached. I love our summer season because you can get up and go to the beach in the morning, get all toasty and leave just in time to avoid the crazy storms that hit in the afternoon. It's the perfect opportunity to shower off the sand, saltwater and sun, and snooze for an hour or two at home. Nothing is more relaxing.

Where does this go? Nowhere really. I have no exciting stories to tie to the manic, bipolar weather we get here in South Florida, but after spending the entire weekend on the beach (and congrats to me for not getting horribly sunburned again) it was refreshing to wake up to an overcast sky and the sound of rain slamming down on my roof. I went to work much more relaxed than normal for a Monday.

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