Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day! How will you celebrate?

I plan to go Sunday to the Bike Miami Day in Coconut Grove, provided I either get my car back from the shop or find a way there, as the grove is a bit too far for me to ride there and back, unfortunately...

Also, happy Administrative Assistant Day. Take note if you have one, you know you can't live without him or her...


alexander said...

Hello, I happened to surf past and I found your blog really interesting. Actually what is earth day all about? Is it a go green day? hmm...?

Anyway happy earth day!

Alex's World! -

Christina said...

Hey Alex, I'm glad you like the blog!

Earth day is sort of a go-green day. Really it's supposed to be a day of awareness and appreciation for the environment, but people do different things for it, in terms of go-green themes!