Monday, February 16, 2009

Only in Hialeah




Maria de los Angeles said...

Coño! Que classic!

Abel said...

I go to Hialeah High, and even we laugh about it there.

Not to defend it though, but let me clear my school's name by letting you know that the picture was taken two years ago and the marquee was edited by the Adult-Ed/Night School staff!

Rose Colon said...

This picture has me cracking up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!!

Christina said...

Maria, my sentiments exactly.

Abel: I didn't realize it was that old, but sadly I have seen this same spelling elsewhere in this city. I have a few friends that graduated from Hialeah High and I know they are capable of spelling "English" correctly, so no assumptions made on your part. :-)

gabrielaaxlove said...

Two years aqo?!! Wtf umm no honey, sorry con excuse me pero that sign still says lo mismo!