Monday, May 19, 2008

City of Signs - Can't Keep Us Out

It happens everywhere: signs posted and no one pays any attention to them. In Miami, however, there are lots of signs and someone likes to post them where there is really no need. Take the other night for example. We were walking to go get delicious hot dogs and headed down a sidewalk which was in tip top condition when we came across a "sidewalk closed" sign. A few feet away, we came across a giant pit of darkness which had no sign posted to warn us of our impending doom. Is this Miami's way of tricking us into an early grave (literally - you should have seen the hole, could have fit at least five with no one to hear you scream), a joke or just an example of the randomness that is Miami? We documented our blasphemy towards el sign in the photos above and neglected to document the pit of darkness as that is how the city would have wanted it. Nonetheless, we survived and got our hot dogs. Awesomeness 1 Miami 0.

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