Monday, August 6, 2012

No Name Pub

On our last few jaunts through the keys, El Hombre and I have been trying to find interesting stops along the way. One of these stops was No Name Pub, which has been in Big Pine Key since the 30's.  

It's a small bar, well off US 1, with signs all around the bar (and on their souvenir pint glasses) that proclaim, "A nice place if you can find it."  This place has a cool vibe about it, and is one of those keys establishments you wouldn't find anywhere in South Florida.  

When you walk in you get a respite from the often-blinding South Florida sun.  As your eyes adjust, you realize there are dollar bills hanging all over the restaurant - our bartender said there was probably about $250,000 in dollar bills hanging from the ceiling and walls.

They advertise on their website (complete with animated GIFs) that they have the best pizza in the known universe. I don't know about that, but most of the tables we saw had ordered pizza so it's clearly popular.  From a glance, it looks like they serve a Chicago-style pizza, which isn't my favorite.

We sat on high stools at the bar and drank beer and sangria and ate key lime pie. People, the key lime pie was ridiculous.  I assumed we would get the standard small piece you always get, and they served us a huge slide (picture below) of this rich, amazingly delicious pie.  Sweet and tart, it was hands-down the best key lime pie I have ever had. It was so rich though, that we couldn't finish it.  

Next time you are driving through, I definitely recommend pulling up your Google maps and swinging by this little place.  It's chill and you can pick up a fun glass to commemorate your trip. 

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