Monday, July 5, 2010

Key West Discovery

One of the benefits of having friends in Key West is that we get to visit rather frequently and it doesn't get too expensive. Another benefit is, every time we go, we end up trying something new.

This time, El Hombre and I shucked our bikes for a bit and borrowed a scooter. I generally don't cruise Duval because it's overcrowded and overdone. Instead, we like to scope out side streets and all the cool stuff they have. This past weekend, we shot down to Green Street, which is right on the marina near the charter boats and a bunch of bars. We like that part of town because it's a little more local and there's a bunch of different things going on. This time we walked just to find some relief from the heat when we stumbled on an amazing discovery: the Key West Ice Cream Factory.

Now, typically I don't like ice cream. It's just too heavy and I hate eating heavy foods in the summer. But they offered air conditioning and an amazing smell. As El Hombre was ordering a soda, I discovered something I had to try, key lime sorbet. It's everything you need on a hot day, it's crisp, with a sweet, tangy, almost sharp flavor that instantly cools you off. And you have to try it with a waffle cone, which they make fresh in the store, it's an explosion of amazing in your mouth. And it's sorbet so it's light, and doesn't leave you feeling heavy and bloated afterwards. Plus you can sit inside and watch the boats, and people stumbling from bar-to-bar, which is entertaining all in itself.


Stephanie said...

We need a Key West escape! Will def try this place out next time.

Christina said...

it's amazing....