Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Car Talk

For the past month my posting has been light because I have been busy car shopping. Throughout this process, I have received alot of advice regarding where to go, when to go, what to do, who to talk to, etc. All in all, buying a car is a bloody mission. But I did notice some marked differences between shopping for cars here and North Carolina - for one, as soon as you get out of the car in NC, there are sales people on you. I don't know if it's the heat, or the lack of customers, but when we would drive up and get out of the car, we could walk around the lot, look at cars, and then have to look for a sales person - typically someone who is very un-energetic. Strange. It's like they don't WANT to make money.

So anyways, a friend of mine advised me to buy a car in Broward County because they are nicer. It's true, the customer service is better, but they are definitely still willing to rip you off. When I finally bought my (awesomely awesome) new car, the financing guy was trying to shove an extended warranty with maintenance down my throat. (The line, "I know you have to pitch this to me, but I don't want it so let's move on" seemed to surprise him.) However, if you are buying a car, Broward County has the lowest legal sales tax rate you can get in Florida, so that can save you money.

BUT, in the end, I got my car. It's awesome. It's orange, and hopefully it will lead me on many more awesome blog-worthy adventures!


Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

Good for you! I didn't know that about the Broward tax rate. Good to know -- that's where I live.

Christina said...

Yeah, I did some research. In Florida, the lowest legal sales tax rate is 6%, which is where Broward is. Miami-Dade is 7% and Palm Beach County is 6.5%.

Patrick said...

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