Thursday, July 8, 2010

Miami Heat!

So if you don't know that Lebron James has joined the Miami Heat right now then you must be living under a rock. Seriously. This is not a post about the heat, or about Lebron James (though I think his major endorsement of Boys & Girls Club is friggin fantastic.) This is my, "Where I was when I heard about Lebron James" post.

Tonight I went to celebrate a friends birthday at an Irish bar downtown. Of course every television at the place was tuned into ESPN, and despite our celebrations, the main topic of conversation was, "where do you think he will go?" Rumors were flying, "He's booked a whole group of cabanas at the fontainbleu," and "I heard the Heat pulled all their 'welcome to Miami' ads."

Everyone was riveted to the television screens. The tension and excitement was sparking like firecrackers all across the bar. Every time Miami was mentioned on ESPN, people started screaming, and every time any other team was mentioned, Boos echoed across the room. Finally, at 9:20 the interview with Lebron started, and the noise dropped to a nervous low chatter. When he said he will be joining us in South Beach the bar exploded. The few people in their chairs flew to their feet, everyone was screaming, at first an incomprehensible noise that quickly turned to the "LET'S GO HEAT" chant. I never thought I would see people hugging perfect strangers before, but it was happening left and right. I just wish I had my camera out to video it all.

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Jordan Fickess said...

If for nothing else, LeBron's arrival has given South Floridians a collective reason to be happy. This is a welcome piece of news amid the gloomy economy and imminent arrival of oil on our shores.