Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Key West and oil?

This past weekend, El Hombre and I took off for the Florida Keys to celebrate Memorial Day with friends. Because I had sold my weekends to my dance studio in preparation for our performance at Spirit of the Tribes, I haven't been able to escape to the beach, much less the keys.

Before I left, several people mentioned I might see oil. Being a news junky, I haven't seen anything about oil in the keys, except for a few tar balls which weren't even connected to the oil spill (more likely they were related to ships bilging and hoping to blame the remnants on said spill.)

Our trip was amazing. Other than traffic, we did nothing but eat, boat, swim and bike. There was no oil. Absolutely none. Just crystal clear beautiful water, perfect for boating. Hopefully it stays that way. Hopefully BP figures out how to hell to stop this flow and clean up their mess. But for now, if you have plans to enjoy the keys, I promise you it's still safe and the waters are still clean.


Miami Beach Condos Blog said...

Miami Beach homeowners, such as myself, are looking out for oil flowing East. Local coast Guard stations are already stocking up on rubber barriers.

Miami Beach Condos Blog said...

Here in Miami Beach, we already have Coast Guard stations stocking up on rubber protective barriers.