Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A day of moving hell

I normally don't write about personal stuff here, but today is different. Those who know me know that I move like a gypsy. Well, over the past week I have been moving from the non-glamorous side of South Miami to Westchester/Kendall area. It's not really far, and I don't have alot of large furniture, but it's been a pain because I have been working then moving then whatever the rest of my schedule has entailed.

Today I finally finished, but whatever higher power that exists definitely tried to make it damned near impossible. I didn't have to rent a uhaul from scary brujeros, but at least that would have been entertaining. Instead I woke up, sliced the hell out of my foot on a part of broken mirror (thanks to my bigger, more evil cat) and had to stay off it for an hour or so. Meanwhile, El Hombre has a bad cold and doesn't feel better. So the idea of getting a truck and moving my bed and sofa was not appealing. However it was more appealing than waiting to do it after work tomorrow. So we persevered.

After all was done, and I made multiple trips to Publix to get a steam cleaner (and switch out the one that decided to vomit water all over the place.. apparently it has the flu or something), I elected to pick up medicine and chocolate for El Hombre at Target. And all I have to say is, you know you are in South West Miami when your cashier's name is Misleidy. At least it made me laugh.


catsteevens said...

Sorry to hear about the move headache. Hope you're settled and happy in your new home :)

Christina said...

I will be alot happier when I don't have cat drama and boxes all around! lol. Thanks though!

El Capitan said...

I'm now on the hunt for more names :)