Thursday, July 16, 2009

A short respite

I haven't been around lately, in case you hadn't noticed. Unfortunately life is stressful and getting in the way of posting. Typically I gather the bulk of my posting material on weekends, but I have been so stressed out that all I want to do is relax and be low-key. That and I have been so stressed out that my entire back is full of knots and I have been living on Vitamin A(dvil) and those Icey Hot patches. Not fun. Especially when you have so many knots that it becomes painful to type and you typically sit in front of a computer all day.

I've tried going to the chiro, exercising, massage -- nothing seems to work. So I think I may try a Spa Miami destination for some deep tissue massage, and if anyone knows of a decent acupuncturist in Miami, I am happy to take your suggestions! Until then, I will probably be a little less regular here, so add us to your rss feeds if you haven't already so you can stay in the loop once I get back to more regular posting.



scg said...

I have back issues too, so I feel your pain! Best of luck!

swampthing said...

life yucks i know but dont let the gremlins win, keep on plucking

Midtown Chic-a said...

Ugh! Juan and I were complaining about having back issues too. He complains about my mattress... that's why we got the 10 minute massage @ the airport but it wasn't nearly enough!

Christina said...

Been going to the chiro, but this is really intense. I'm going for a massage with Miami Spa Month this weekend, but I am also seeing my doctor because I don't know what's up with this and I don't want to go back to PT for my shoulder.

Airport Massages are a brilliant idea!