Sunday, September 23, 2012

North Miami's best kept secret for fresh fish is...

Captain Jim's.  We have heard about this place before from friends, but every time we tried to go it was closed.

Captain Jim's is a fish market and restaurant that serves fresh fish that they catch daily (and locally.)  It's a no-frills sort of place, but the food is serious.  You sit at tables sticky from being cleaned over and over again, get served by people who know the food and you eat some serious chow. 

Our service was a bit slow, but that's because there was one waitress. They immediately brought us water and a tasty amuse-bouche with crab meat and fresh fish.  When ordering, El Hombre almost ordered the yellowtail, but was told by the waitress that it came in small because "they aren't farmed fish, they are local so today the catch was all small."  That earned Captain Jim's a hundred extra points in my book!

I ordered the dolphin tacos on soft shells.  They were amazing. Made with juicy blacked dolphin with a cilantro cabbage topping and a bit of cheese, it was an explosion of fresh, crisp delicious flavor.  I got sweet potato fries as my side (because I love them and cannot resist) and they were perfectly crisp and delicious.

El Hombre ended up going on a combination plate with blackened grouper (highly recommended on Yelp!) and fried conch.  I didn't get a chance to try to grouper but the conch was delicious.  All the sauces and sides were also made in house.  Mine came with a salsa that I drizzled over the top of the tacos, which was fresh and delicious.  The only thing I wasn't crazy about was the slaw, but I'm not much of a fan anyways, so that comment should probably be scratched from the record.

So if you are in North Miami, definitely stop by Jim's for a tasty local spot!

Dolphin tacos with sweet potato fries, fresh salsa and homemade slaw

Combo plate 2 with blackened grouper, fried conch and black beans and rice

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