Monday, July 16, 2012

Escapism... Key West

Over the last four years Key West has become a well-travelled escape for El Hombre and I.  Our love affair with Key West specifically began with our first trip there as a couple for Thanksgiving, and we have gone back over and over again throughout the years. When we both are stressed out and life gets hectic, there's nothing like heading south to spend a weekend biking, boating, swimming and watching the sunset on the porches and roofs of friends houses. It's paradise.

I love everything about Key West -- the quirkiness of random roosters, conchs and live-aboards and people who have just plain lived on an island for way too long.  Over the past few years the recession has hit the keys especially hard, and we have seen shops and restaurants come and go as business slowed to a grinding halt. After all, not many people have had the cash to fly into the keys for fishing charters and vacations.

This past weekend as El Hombre and I biked through familiar streets, I was excited to find new, local businesses popping up. Our friend told us the business at his store these past few months has already blown last year's numbers out of the waters, and we heard this same story echoed from others.  

Tourists were definitely walking around -- not a common sight for summer -- and these were overnight tourists, which bring much more money into the local economy. It seems that things are finally starting to look up for those of us down here in South Florida! 

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