Friday, April 23, 2010

State Farm to the rescue

Hello bloggerverse, it's been awhile! One reason why I haven't posted recently is because El Hombre and I took a jaunt across the country to San Francisco (which, in case you were wondering, is a fantastic place.) But this entry isn't about San Francisco, it's about my experience trying to get to the airport.

You see, last Tuesday we flew out, but since we were flying at night, I got to work super early, forwent my lunch break and left early so I could make it home before going to the airport. And of all days, my tire blew out 2 exits after I got onto the interstate. Which really sucks because I work in Boca. So I managed to get my car to the Pompano Beach Service Station, where I see there's no saving the tire. So I calmly walked inside the gas station and asked the attendant for help, and he gave me the number for the State Farm Road Rangers. As I was talking to the guy, I started to get slightly... frazzled. I think my exact words were, "My tire blew out, I'm in Pompano Beach, I have to be at MIA by 6 p.m. (it was 4 at this point) and I can't get my spare out because the holder is stuck."

I have to hand it to the guy on the phone, he got someone out there and calmed me down, all in about 10 minutes. Once the Road Ranger guy drove up, he had my tire changed, and air put into the spare in about 5 minutes. Amazing. No one ever wants to break down, and especially not when they are trying to get to an airport two counties away in the course of an hour. So THANK YOU State Farm Road Rangers. You're the best and you guys saved my trip!


Griffin said...

I work for State Farm (and read blog posts like yours about our company), so I've heard about these trucks helping people, but yours is a great story! This is exactly why we're proud to sponsor the Road Rangers in Florida (as well as the HERO trucks in Georgia, and the HELP trucks in New York). Thanks for the blog post!

-Griffin Hammond, State Farm Public Affairs

Christina said...

No problem. This is actually the second time I have been helped by the State Farm Patrol. Both times, the drivers have been nothing but exceptionally helpful and courteous!

Cat said...

State Farm rocks!