Sunday, April 25, 2010

Miami Live Music

One of my favorite things about Miami is the music scene. There are so many local bands with so much talent, and they are always so much fun to see. One such band that I often go out to see is Suenalo. I met several of my friends out on Saturday at Transit Lounge, where Suenalo played. As always, they packed the house and put on two kickin' sets.

One of this things I always like about Suenalo is their diversity of sound. They have afro-latin, funk, 70s, rock, hip hop influences, and they blend it well. I also like that they can jam out without it getting stale, and their energy is always really positive. If you've had a tough week check out this band, they will have you jumping, twisting, dancing and shaking to an awesomely-layered groove. From the guy who throws down on conchs, the horns, the chick with a really throaty, awesome R&B voice and the lead guy throwing down some hip hop over it all, you couldn't ask for more fun.

However, if you think you can go see them and be home before 2 a.m., then you either skip the second set, or you are lying to yourself. Like many other bands in Miami, they don't take the stage before 12 at the earliest, and usually its closer to 12:30ish.

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