Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Stumbled upon this...

There are many things I love about Miami, and one of my favorite things about this (or any other city for that matter) is stumbling upon little local spots off the beaten path. On our way to Fairchild, we passed this little market on 57th, and I pointed it out as a place to check out on our way home.

The little fruit market in question is the Pinecrest Wayside Market. It's across the street from the canal, and just down the street from the old Parrot Jungle, and it reminds me alot of Robert is Here, only much smaller. It's an open-air sort of market with fruits, veggies, sauces and shakes. But what struck me was not so much the produce, but the ambiance. There were several people there, just sitting out with each other, enjoying a shake or a mango or a sandwich, just relaxing. Taking in the whole scene, spending time with each other. You don't always find that in the City of Miami. That's more of a vibe you catch in the keys or South Dade. Even when people are sitting outside, or at a park, there's an underlying since of urgency that I didn't catch here.

I didn't try any of the shakes because after walking around in the heat all I wanted was water, but I intend to check them out next time.

In the meantime, here's some photos:


El Capitan said...

The Wayside is my little escape from work on nice weather days. It's nice and peaceful there. The shakes and smoothies are fantastic!

Anonymous said...

One of El Capitan's Dad's favorite places in the Miami area when he trolls for shakes!

Maria de los Angeles said...

This is in my backyard and one of my little refuges. Hirni's Wayside Florist is right next door. Have you checked out Pinecrest Gardens yet?

Also, there is some really cool hiking just east of this, the west side of Matheson Hammock, which leads to Snapper Creek.

Christina said...


Pinecrest Gardens is on my list to do. I really want to go. And I think we may have gone hiking there about a year ago.. is that where the fort is supposed to be?

48crash said...

they have gazpacho there