Sunday, August 2, 2009

Coconut Grove

Coconut Grove is really trying to push itself out there as a place to go at night. From billboards to block parties, they are trying to get a crowd out other than the Thursday night college drunkfest kids, and I have to say, it's commendable.

Both this past Saturday, and the Saturday before, El Hombre and I have ended up at the Commodore Plaza block party. It's actually pretty interesting, and I think the Grove should extend these summer block parties into the fall when the nights are a bit cooler (although has anyone noticed that night time has been fantastic lately?)

We actually ended up at the block party last night by accident. We had read on the Miami on the Cheap blog about the art stroll in Mayfair Plaza and decided to check that out. It was ok. There was a blues band that was kind of interesting, and the people walking around were also kind of interesting. It's nice to walk around, but if you want to look at art, it's not terribly competitive, at least not yet.

While we were there we strolled over to Commodore Plaza (which, if you are not familiar with the names in the grove, it's the street that Mr. Moes and Green Street are located. Last week they had Spam Allstars, and this week they had some other band that I didn't know, but they weren't bad.

When you go, the street is shut down, the shops are open a bit later, and there are some artists, street performers and a psychic. It's a nice alternative to places like Lincoln Road or Mary Brickell because it's not so packed, and you can still sit outside and enjoy a drink and a bite to eat. You also can be more relaxed in dress than going out in either other place. People in the Grove are generally there to chill out and enjoy the experience. It's not showy nor is it a meat market.

Also I should point out now that RedKiwi in the Grove is super delicious. Frozen Yogurt with fresh fruit toppings? Yum.

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